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  • LU_72_Geske_Ozola.pdf Geske A., Ozola A. - How Do Students from High Socio-Economical Background Families Perform in Reading in OECD PISA Study? 387 KB
  • LU_72_Grinfelds.pdf Grīnfelds A. - OECD PISA: Student Achievement and ICT Use at School and at Home 2 MB
  • LU_72_Kangro_uc.pdf Kangro A., Geske A., Grīnfelds A., Kiseļova R. - The Quality of Education in Latvian Schools in International Comparison (OECD PISA 2012) 4 MB
  • LU_72_Mihno.pdf Mihno L. - Possibilities of Latvian Students to Achieve High Scores in Math in OECD PISA Study 312 KB
  • LU_72_Cekse.pdf Čekse I. - Improvement Directions of the Management of Citizenship Education in Multicultural Society 642 KB

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